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Camden Dining aims to be the UK's leading hospitality provider

Our ethos is to create the meet, drink, dine and dance flexibility that consumers seek today, all with a highly personalised touch. We currently own or operate 10 venues and are currently looking to add more to our portfolio.

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We are looking for dynamic and experienced people to join our team. Please email Director of Operations, Dawn Donohoe ( with a copy of your CV and details of your experience.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu Shaka Zulu Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu, London’s largest South African restaurant, opened its doors in August 2010 with a special royal blessing from the Zulu King, HRH Goodwill Zwelithini. Set over a ground-breaking 27,000 sq ft in The Stables Market, this spectacular two floor restaurant, bar and club offers amazing food, drinks, live music, and dancing. Shaka Zulu’s menu offers authentic South African cuisine such as Kudu, Ostrich and Zebra, as well as a selection of fish and vegetarian dishes to suit all diners.


Gabeto Gabeto Gabeto

Want to escape for a while? Step in from the hustle and bustle of Camden, into Gabeto – a Spanish word for 'home'. Just like home, you can play host to guests and clients as our decor and drinks menu impresses from first sight. Relax with a gourmet restaurant lunch before taking to the Terrace for classy cocktails until the stars take centre stage and the curtain comes down for the night. Toast to the future in a historic location; we built Gabeto within a Victorian stable block. This means you can work, rest, dine, drink and play in a place which really knows how to make time fly. Our Gabeto is your Gabeto.

Chicago Rib Shack

Chicago Rib Shack Chicago Rib Shack Chicago Rib Shack

In the early 80s Bob Payton arrived in London from Chicago in search of great Ribs. This resulted in his launch of the Chicago Rib Shack in Knightsbridge serving the best BBQ & Ribs this side of the Atlantic. This still continues to today taking the original recipes as seriously as we did on day one. All our recipes are the genuine, authentic article. Made by us. Enjoyed by you. Thirty years on...